Sheffield Legends Series on UK Mondo

Andy 12th May 2017 Comments Off on Sheffield Legends Series on UK Mondo
Sheffield Legends Series on UK Mondo

Guest Mixes From Ten Sheffield Legends

It is no secret that Sheffield has a rich history of DJs, club nights and dance music. Today’s scene is just as strong as ever but it has been a real journey to get to where we are today.

At the heart of the Sheffield scene in 2017 is UK Mondo a Sheffield based radio station featuring shows from right across the spectrum of dance music. Andy H hosts the monthly show (The Rotation Show) and has been inviting down some of those legendary Sheffield DJs who have been the building blocks of what we know today.

The list of first ten guests…..

#1.  Junglist Alliance

#2. Rogue State (R8 Records)

#3. Phonetics DJs

#4. Mike Clipboard & S-Unit

#5. Dan J (Huddle)

#6. 18 Years Of The Tuesday Club

#7. Sandy Turnbull (Pin Up Club)

#8. Pedram (Born Electric)

#9. Geoff Tichehurst (Urban Gorilla Classics)

#10. Danny Beck (Ugly / Ibiza Rock)

This is in no way a comprehensive list of artists and brands it is just a small selection of people who have had a significant influence on the Sheffield scene ” 

The list of guest DJs is in itself impressive and boasts some of the biggest local names to have graced the cities flyers and listings.

The Uk Mondo studios are currently being relocated from their old home above the soon to be closed Night Kitchen and will be re-launched with a brand new timetable and shiny new studio.

We are taking a two week break and will be back bigger and better in our new studio” Uk Mondo

For more information and to listen live check

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